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How to Prevent Damage and Repair Big Shot Cutting Plates

Much like when my hubby takes my car in for an oil change and tire rotation, he's looking out for our safety and the car's performance.  Prevent issues with these simple tips for your Die-Cutting Machine!   See this Video Tutorial on how to Flatten/Straighten Bowed/Bent Big Shot Die-Cutting Plates with a quick trip to your kitchen!!
Check out this video below to see the Do's and Do NOT's of this quick and easy process!
I've been asked more than once (too many times to count, really) how to deal with bowed or bent cutting boards for the Big Shot. 


1. The Big Shot machine comes with 2 clear plates.
Right off the bat mark one for cutting. Use only the cutting mat on top of your sandwich stacks. Be sure to rotate the cutting plate back to front and side to side.

It is normal for your cutting plate to get "cut up" with marks from your dies.

BUT if your cutting plate starts to curl do not attempt to flatten it with your heat tool or by running it through your machine "bump" side up in a tight stack. It may crack and break!

It is still useable with a curl but you are now committed to running it through your machine with the ends curled up. You may also have to push the curled up end down to start your stack when running it through your machine.
Ideally it would best to have 3 plates on the go - 1 for cutting, 1 for the bottom of the stack and another 1 to use for embossing only as a top plate.  I’ve JUST Stickered my plates as I think it will help us all in keeping them straight – literally and figuratively ha, ha, ha.

2. Each machine is slightly different. Each user should play with their machine to "get to know it". Don't be alarmed if the recommended sandwich stack does not work in your machine. Simply experiment and make adjustments.

3. Once you get to know your machine you may want to run some samples through and record on them your unique recipes if different. You may also want to make your own laminated "recipe" shims and keep them with your machine.

See the middle of the video, lol, as I have a cautionary Tale to Tell!!

My Tail of Woe - lol.
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I love that I was able to experience what TO DO and What NOT TO DO - lol... I hope that this inspired YOU to make your platform cutting boards/plates last longer!
20 Minutes to awesome results!!

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Flat, again, Clean and more Clear.... the Big Shot Die-Cutting Tool is a FAVORITE tool of mine!!  I love that it's a simple tool yet creates amazing WOW Projects, Texture, and more!

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I hit the gym at 5:30am during the week... to prevent and correct anything I may have eaten - or stress might have tossed my way - lol - while keeping myself strong and healthy.  Treat yourself and your tools to some TLC... keep your heart strong and your tools performing well!  I hope this helps you do just that.  Thanks for coming by... I post to my blog daily and hope to see you often. 


  1. Thanks for this great hint, will certainly try it.

  2. Replies
    1. I hope it works! Some newer plates do not work this way... let me know how it goes


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