Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going Patriotic has me all Twitterpated!!

Our Twitterpated Designer Series Paper and my card making to 1:30am had me thinking... Adding the two and you get this fun patriotic card!!

I used our Postage punch and 1/4" striped for the look of this 3x3" card! I added our sparkle with the rhinestones and love the extra umph!

I love that it even came out with the correct amount of stripes! The blue flowers that represent our stars is popped up with our Stampin' Dimensional adhesive. I hope you enjoy this and embrace our holiday!

Brayer and Sparkle me this...

At my Sparkle/Bling class, of last, I created this fun and different looking card!  I really like the sparkle of it all... the stamp sets are so yummy, too! 
(I love that a great stamp set does all the 'work' and makes me look like I'm so skilled!)

Here I used embossed with Dazzling Diamonds sparkle embossing powder on a white cardstock.  I then Brayered over it with Pool Party ink. 
Our Edgelets really make cutting and layering soooo easy! 
This is the DSP from our Occasions Mini and I'm so sad to see it go, those rich colors... sigh.

Using Stampin' Dimensionals, adhesived bling and BAM the card is quick, sparkly and FUN!  Who wouldn't want to receive this card in the mail??

Have FUN and remember to Sparkle!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ribbon issss the perfect gift!

I love this lil picture and am excitedly playing with my new stamps and preparing for my Summer Spectacular tomorrow morning!!! It's not tooo late to RSVP!! Ribbon will have a fun part of tomorrow too!

For that Man...

I am blessed to have my hubby and my Uncle and Father in Law but at my Bling class I had to come up with a Guy's card... so I did.  I miss my 'Ol' man'/Daddy and this is such a card he would like.  He taught me much on Construction Sites.  I am able, thanks to my Dad, to pipe a tub and create a custom jetting system fully... from drilling to piping to the electronic end of it.. lol.. the things he taught me....

This is a Black and Grey card... the Silver paper was run thru this Embossing Folder on my Big Shot.  I sponged black into it to make it look darker and more like metal.  With out the Black it is very 'fake' looking, almost, it is Silver paper but doesn't get that 'metal' look until you sponge in and rub in that black ink.  I did it darker in some areas, just like you would see on a Chain Link Fence.  With our Grey Ribbon I tied it up... the silver brads really nail it.. lol.
He may be in Heaven but I think my Dad probably smiled at this card and knew I was sending a lil love his way. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Purses

My lil Daisy Girl Scout troop is such a dear part of my life!!! I'm so blessed to be their leader (I fought it tooth and nail but have since fallen in love with the kids!).

We are working on a badge that involves our "big sisters" and we are going to put on and host a Tea Party for our big sister troops and our other Daisy Troop at EARTHS.

We are creating lil party favors for all the girls we anticipate attending. I think this is a great job done by almost 1st graders!!

Today I hosted a Daisy Meeting and we had 4 of our 11 girls come and a dear friend, one of my troop moms, Sangeeta come. We created 50+ little purses and stamped tea pots and cups on the exterior.

The girls enjoyed punching out the purses, stamping them and coloring them in (with crayons). We accessorized them with punched flowers and different color handled purses. The sparkle of the bling is a great way to wrap it up! I hope you enjoy the fruits of our fun morning, we sure did!

Friend's Style...

I am so blessed by the many women in my life... many brought to me through Stampin'!  I have fun and offer my Wall of Paper, Stamps, Inks and Accessories to my customers as a Customer Appreciation morning... (with one coming up.... it makes me smile!)

I offer up the wall and my stuff and encourage, those who can attend, to make a card or two to take home.. for FREE!  Here is a sampling of what has occured at one of my last events.... we had 12 or so women come and create... coffee and laughter was had by all!  So enjoy some of my great memories and the smiling faces of my friends...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three Events for YOU!!

Three AMAZING events... YOU!!  Add the two and it equals a Great Time!! 

Check out My Calendar and
RSVP ASAP Your Spot(s)!!

More on the Healthy Apple snacks

OK so I am going and updating my ideas from the past... see I was workin' my craftin' but not blogging/writing about it - lol.  Most nights I fall asleep on the couch mid-conversation with my hubby. 

Soooo... here is some more pictures of the Ladybug Apple Treats.  My other daughter wanted these for her school birthday party - a week after we did them for the baseball game.  Here it is... we stamped the handles of the Popsicle stick with Craft ink (Cherry Cobbler) and lil ladybugs... soooo cute!  I LOVE how they came out!  I hope you enjoy!  Post a comment and let me know!  Share this!  Pin it... and then try it! 

Stampin' the Handle is a great and easy way to make it look even more special and POP!  Who wouldn't love to receive this great lil treat?  Relatively healthy as it has just a little of chocolate... I don't object to giving this to my kids!

 I start by sealing the cut side with the chocolate, chilling it on wax paper in the fridge allows for a quick creation of the top when I pull it out!  Keeps it fresh, too!
Our lil princess.. she was so excited to have her big day at Preschool and had fun helping mom make the Ladybug Apple Pops/Treats!

Swinging in a healthier snack!

This year baseball season nearly killed me!  It was our first year that we had two kids in sports, same days and times for most games and practices!!  So our son was a Ray in the Acorn league and our daughter was a Ladybug in the TO Softball league! 
(Baseball season is tough for a mom with four lil ones needing me, two girls in college and a CPA husband during his busiest time at work!!)

I was able to step down and not commit as team moms (to both teams -eek - an honor to be asked but I thought I'd give up on sleep if I did)!  I dooo like to make fun treats though... fun and I try for healthy. 

I created these lil Pops of Yummy Goodness!  It's healthier than most teats and good too!

Slice Fuji Apples in Half... Stick a Popscicle Stick into the Core area.  (I like Organic Fuji apples as they are sweet and yet firm and can hold up to pies or great lil treats like this!)

Dip the Sliced half in Melted Chocolate to SEAL the slice!

For the Lady Bugs, after the sealed chocolate was set, I dipped the top 1/4 into melted chocolate.  I then dipped toothpicks into chocolate and 'glued' them to M&Ms!  Take more M&Ms (or Skittles) into chocolate and apply as eyes and spots.  I used a toothpick to draw a line to create the Ladybug "wings".

Before giving out I Chilled them in the fridge and when I took out to serve I stuck the toothpicks in so they stood up like antenia.

Our lil Ladybug had fun giving these treats out!  We had a great game that day and a wonderful season!  We couldn't be more proud of our kids this year!  Both are being promoted up next year and I can't wait to make some fun snacks next year!

I did this for my son's Ray's baseball team.  Same idea, I used the White Chocolate with pastel sprinkles in it to add a lil fun.  I then dipped the 'sliced' side to create that 'seal'.  I chilled it.  I then dipped the rest of the apple and then did lil red squigles and a line to create the stitching!  Needless to say it was a HUGE Hit!  The coaches were fighting for one, too... a fun and healthier snack!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

I'm a big fan of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing.... I teach my kids the importance of caring for the Earth, our inheritance... I'm blessed to be married to my Italian man and his family is known for their reusing of their resources... we take and can grilled veggies, make our own sauce and jar them... it's Great!  Who knew that Recycling was so 'Old School'?!?

I love shapes of various jars we get, olives in jars with funky edges, marinades in shaker shaped jars, etc... so why not reuse then, craft them into something fun and funky.  So, grab these items (most should be around your home or easily obtained), include a timer and microfiber cloth....

Using Vinyl sheets that are adhesive backed and cut out a shape, you desire...  I do love my nature and butterflies... soooo..... lol  Either apply it as a cut out or as a solid image...

Cover the space with the Glass Etching Solution... and leave for the designated time (the bottle of solution should tell you how long - mine was 5 minutes... I like it better by leaving it on for a longer time - I did a full 10 minutes!).  Follow the instructions for removal.. my solution said to run under water to remove fully... so I did and.... BAM!!

 I love how Microfiber uses no chemicals, it makes it easy to remove fibers and dry items...

 Remove the Vinyl and be amazed at the contrast... sooo easy, clean and impressive.... I like to even add an image to the bottom of my jars - I think that lil extra is pretty great!

Use a battery tea light and make it glow.... add some water (if you add food coloring it'll really POP)... I love this idea!  My eldest has talked about getting married to her beau... I could see this being a great centerpiece to tables or walk ways for a Bridal Shower, Wedding Rehersal Dinner, Wedding Reception, etc... now, to talk her into it... lol!

This makes it possible to be the ULTIMATE in Reuse!  I can be a stunning Vase, made to look Country with Raffia tied at the top, our lovely Crochet Ribbon, Satin Ribbon, etc.  Stunning, isn't it?  Easy, too!!  Great for the Environment too - and that leaves a smile on my face!

 Etching the image... this is smaller, going to be a glass I'll use to even drink out of or have a small bouquet of flowers from my garden that my kids picked (eek!).... Fill it with colored sand and make a pretty pattern with my lil monkeys... sooo many opportunities!

 Here is the Contrast... both are STUNNING!  Now, which to YOU Choose??

 The Leaves, the lil Butterflies... nature, giving back, and making the world a little prettier in the process! 

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What Others are SAYING about Getting Crafty with Jamie

Jamie is so passionate and creative about making cards - and wants everyone else to join her in the fun! She is so encouraging and positive in her attitude, helping me along when I get frustrated - and then rejoicing with me at the finished product! I love going to her classes to get new ideas, learn techniques, and have loads of fun in the process. ~ Christine C.

Jamie has wicked awesome classes! If you don’t like a particular stamp or paper/ink color Jamie wants you to change it to suit your style! I did my sister-in-law’s entire bridal shower from invitations/thank you cards, party favors to decorations, it was quaint and whimsical! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d! I’ve had lots of special requests for classes and Jamie delivers; she always has tasty treats and flavored coffees too ~Ashley W.

I have been attending Jamie's classes for over a year. Her ideas for cards are fresh and fun. She always tries to have several different styles of cards available, so everyone gets to make cards that fit their personal style. The techniques she shows each class can be used in many different applications. She is very patient teacher when instructing class members on how to use the Stampin Up products. ~ Carol D.

If I looked up the word sparkle in the dictionary, I would find Jamie Albanese picture there. I have had the sweet blessing of knowing Jamie and her family for over 5 years now. Every time I am with her I feel loved and inspired. When I am in one of her classes I feel my creative juices flow, as she encourages me to go outside my comfort zone. Jamie helped our girl scout troop make cards for a soldier who needed some encouragement!!! For any of you who have not been in one of Jamie's classes, please don't let another day slip by. She is a beautiful friend and she will become yours too. ~ Blessings, Karen:-)

Jamie has a great eye for style and flair, and it shows in her work. Yet she can pick up on your own individual style and makes great recommendations. I love that she is always flexible for last-minute decision maker mommies like me! So much fun to host craft events with your friends and family - that personal touch always means so much. ~ Adonna

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