Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Faith can move mountains...


Faith can move mountains 🏔

Often we don’t know what God’s plan is in life but ALWAYS I know He is in charge. He will not abandon us. He plans to bless us abundantly. It often looks different from what I expect it to look like.
Our buyers on our home backed out yesterday. I suspected it’d come to this with their financing issues. It wasn’t a surprise even. It was good to KNOW - you know what I mean?!
I received the text while at lunch with my friends from our #MOPS days. Surrounded by women who’d been through thick and thin with me in life, marriage, motherhood, family.... the women who support my babies as surrogate Aunties, who’s husbands have mentored my son even.
I didn’t stumble in my faith. I know God has something amazing planned. I’m willing to rest in Him as it changes. Maybe this will be such a bigger blessing, it definitely will look different. We’d planned to road trip starting this week to Indiana, closing next week. I have calls to make, movers to postpone, furniture to pause, homeschool Co-Ops to pause, homeschool paperwork to do as we will be staying in CA for a little while longer.
I asked my cousin, what lesson I’m to learn in this. I wanted to share what he shared. This is my new prayer daily (or multiple times a day). Feel free to pray this over yourself. Maybe it speaks to what path you are walking as well. 🚶‍♀️
“Maybe the same thing he tried to teach Moses:
Don't wander off in the wilderness without Him.
Don't step out in front of Him.
Don't keep going where He is not leading.
Be willing to wait in the hot and dusty desert, without grumbling, until He has prepared the promised land for you.
Remember it is His plan and His timing. He does not need your help.”
So Create with us. as I’ll be posting during this season. I’m so grateful and blessed by you. My friend Debbie said that she’d rather be one foot out the door rather than one foot in a grave - lol.
I hope you know that God has you even when life shifts in ways you didn’t expect.
Crafting Blessings ~ Jamie mwah
If you want to join the journey via pictures... my https://www.instagram.com/GettingCraftyStamping/ is where I post these quicker....


Getting Crafty with Jamie

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What Others are SAYING about Getting Crafty with Jamie

Jamie is so passionate and creative about making cards - and wants everyone else to join her in the fun! She is so encouraging and positive in her attitude, helping me along when I get frustrated - and then rejoicing with me at the finished product! I love going to her classes to get new ideas, learn techniques, and have loads of fun in the process. ~ Christine C.

Jamie has wicked awesome classes! If you don’t like a particular stamp or paper/ink color Jamie wants you to change it to suit your style! I did my sister-in-law’s entire bridal shower from invitations/thank you cards, party favors to decorations, it was quaint and whimsical! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d! I’ve had lots of special requests for classes and Jamie delivers; she always has tasty treats and flavored coffees too ~Ashley W.

I have been attending Jamie's classes for over a year. Her ideas for cards are fresh and fun. She always tries to have several different styles of cards available, so everyone gets to make cards that fit their personal style. The techniques she shows each class can be used in many different applications. She is very patient teacher when instructing class members on how to use the Stampin Up products. ~ Carol D.

If I looked up the word sparkle in the dictionary, I would find Jamie Albanese picture there. I have had the sweet blessing of knowing Jamie and her family for over 5 years now. Every time I am with her I feel loved and inspired. When I am in one of her classes I feel my creative juices flow, as she encourages me to go outside my comfort zone. Jamie helped our girl scout troop make cards for a soldier who needed some encouragement!!! For any of you who have not been in one of Jamie's classes, please don't let another day slip by. She is a beautiful friend and she will become yours too. ~ Blessings, Karen:-)

Jamie has a great eye for style and flair, and it shows in her work. Yet she can pick up on your own individual style and makes great recommendations. I love that she is always flexible for last-minute decision maker mommies like me! So much fun to host craft events with your friends and family - that personal touch always means so much. ~ Adonna

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