Friday, April 1, 2022

A Tour of my Crafting Attic Progress and how we Light It UP!

 I am often asked about the set up in my Crafting Attic Studio... 

So I thought I'd jump in to give you a tour of the progress we have made, the work to be done and how I worked to LIGHT IT UP.


I didn't even pause to vacuum y'all lol... 

If I stopped to 'clean' and finish up - I'd pull my ADHD and completely forget to film the progress we are making.  

Check Out my Tour of the progress we are making.. and what we STILL have to do... and let me know what YOU think, would add or change.... I'm open to suggestions and ideas!!

A Tour of my Crafting Attic Progress and how we Light It UP!
I hope that you enjoyed this Video


Light.. First of all, Light is ESSENTIAL in crafting!  

A MUST!  Do NOT Scrimp!

BUT... I love the OTT lights but NOT the prices associated with them.

I have Lights in my office nook of my Crafting Attic as well as my Photo station, my Die-Cutting Station, my Crafting and Filming/Live station, mailing station and my WHOLE Studio!  WHEW!

Why?  With 1500+ square feet of crafting happiness, with classes, retreats and events I have a place for EVERYTHING.  We host classes, crops and events in my Home Studio.  Our Crafting Attic is the home of my crafting stash, team supplies and wall of paper and stamps to my home office and homeschool wing with a large table, storage and more.  

Recently some asked me about the various lighting I've done within my studio... with bright LED lights strung across our vaulted ceiling to the lamps on the various areas... I am a BIG Proponent of SAVING when I buy.  Speaking with a friend and fellow crafter, Staci, we had fun reviewing why I chose what and where.  She asked for links to my most requested, free standing lighting options for crafters. 

WELL.. Here are my most favorite and recent purchases for lights.  

HERE is my table/desk top light.  The one I adore that has a varying light shades (warm to cool) and how MUCH of the light I want - at the touch of a finger.  This swings broadly (while the base remains in one place) across my vintage French 1700's buffet (aka my scoring, cutting and die-cutting station) as well as my heating station area and filming area (yes - I have them in SEVERAL locations!) I love that it can also charge my iPhone with ease (ummm - with my podcasts to audibles and then tunes... my iPhone is a workhorse who can use some juice from time to time).  

HERE is my Free Standing Light. I selected THIS as I needed something NOT on my crafting tables or desk, with light bulbs I can replace (versus throwing the whole lamp out when the bulbs burn out).  I like that it's BRIGHT and easy to bend for my crafting to filming needs!  Add the BONUS of the LOW COST of BOTH of these lamps, I've been grateful to fill it in in THREE areas alone in my crafting studio!

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