Sunday, June 29, 2014

I am home...

So I love my crafting and my work with it... but I work to live.  I have a wonderful family and when we can escape we do - and often up to Big Bear Lake!!  My Gettin' Crafty Stampin' business pays for our family's vacations.  The harder I work, the more fun I can have!  I can't Thank YOU enough for your support!  Your attendance at My Classes and Ordering your Supplies from me... it supports my family.  As a mom of 6 busy kids, my husband, kids and I need those breaks.  Being able to work from home and to do what I love... there are few greater blessings that that!!
This... this is the view from our deck at our place in Big Bear... here is what my kids call the 'Cotton Candy Sky' of the sunsets.  Without many clouds, the colors aren't as rich at this time of year but it still takes my breath away!!
Early Mornings bring such hope and excitement for the day!!  With amazing weather (even when it was 'chilly' and overcast on Wednesday) was a blessing straight from God!!  We hiked the lake coast (the water is low due to a draught in California giving us a 'coast' to hike), yoga on the lake, shopping in the Village (without my kids and husband as well as with).  Holding my cup of coffee, feet up and deep breathes... I may not get many of those moments, so they are precious.
My husband's Father's Day special was his desire to rent a boat on the lake from our resort.  This pontoon boat was BRAND NEW to the resort and they gave it to us... it was the coolest and most overcast day of the summer but no less stunning!  One of our daughters missed out, due to work, but time as a family was the highlight of my husband and my time on the lake.
The view, a panoramic of the lake from the boat.
My husband gave the kids fishing lessons - my son caught an award winning trout!  I'm not sure who was more excited - my husband, my son or me?!?!  Yes, he actually won a trophy for his 2 lb, 12 oz. Trout!!  First real fishing attempt and BAM!  What a blessing!!
Exploring the lake... we drove into Fawn Skin and explored the Shirley Jones Fawn Park with her tribute to the September 11th attack - it brought tears to my eyes.  May we NEVER Forget!! 2,976 of our own Americans lost their lives that day....
To Castles in Big Bear!!  OK yes - there is a mock castle set up for the extra large Renaissance Faire that happens up in Fawn Skin every Summer!  What a fun find!  I did Ren. Faires when I was in High School and in College... oh the fun stories....
Bolder Bay Park was simply stunning!  Perfect weather, time together, exploring and finding fun areas of Big Bear and the surrounding area - what a blessing!
Kayaking on the lake in the midst of a wave fest/windy day then again first thing where no wind and few boats were on the lake - both were rewarding!  We may have been doing the same kayak on the lake but had two fun adventures... here Stephany and I had a blast!
Hike the Mountain!  There is a favorite 'educational' hike we like to do with the kids.  This year my hubby took a nap while Stephany and I took the kids - the weather was pretty warm and less animals were out but the views, the lessons, the land and lake... not much is better.  With 16 markers and a map that tells you about each marker and the life it surrounds - how the mountain works and on the amazing Eco System!
Heading home was where the kids got sick with my fast driving on the winding mountain... so we let them nap and stopped at Bob's Big Boy a special and old school diner!  It was where my husband's parents took him and his sisters as kids (Highland Park - but it's closed) and where my parents took my brother and I (in Santa Maria - but it's closed, too).  Having old fashioned '50's Diner' food of fried chicken and burgers, as well as Teddy Bear waffles was a great memory to re-live and give to our kids!
It's sad to see an old establishment that my husband and I both experienced as kids disappear... but as is the sign of the times... change happens.  It was wonderful to re-live parts of our childhood and to share it with Stephany and our kids!
Every year/time we are at the lake, I snap photos of my kids on the deck to show their growth and maturity.  We started going up there as a family when my 8 year old was 6 months... now it's our regular escape and reconnection as a family... and with friends!!
I may not always be there in my kids life... but memories like these are what I hope to plant and let love and life grow from.  I adore my family - my kids give me reason to work from home and be active in their lives.  My love of crafting, sales and classes provide a way to support our family's budget while being there for them.  If YOU ever want a job that you work from home, JOIN MY TEAM and let your love of crafting give you opportunities to craft and sell your wares, take a great discount on your craft supplies, teach crafting, craft with friends and family, make money and support your life.... it has been one of the best blessings I've ever had!! 
I love what I do, working in your passion (like crafting) is amazing, making money to support our big family is a blessing and working so that we can have a great LIFE... that's an honor.  So after 9 stunning, blessing filled days... we are home and life will resume (yes, I did teach card making classes at the Lake and blog daily from our suite) but laundry, chores, animals and more await me.  SCHEDULE a break for YOURSELF with My Classes - there are many waiting for YOU, come play with Me!!  Order your craft supplies from me and know that you are getting an amazing deal while supporting my family - Earn BONUS Frequent Shopper Points for MORE Rewards!!  Join My Team and have FUN crafting, taking a great discount on your supplies (yes, downline still attend my classes as well as have on-line and in-person support, Team Meetings and more), Earn money and Do What YOU Love (the Starter Kit is ON-Sale through TOMORROW June 30th - let's talk and get YOU the Most for YOUR Money!)!!

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Jamie is so passionate and creative about making cards - and wants everyone else to join her in the fun! She is so encouraging and positive in her attitude, helping me along when I get frustrated - and then rejoicing with me at the finished product! I love going to her classes to get new ideas, learn techniques, and have loads of fun in the process. ~ Christine C.

Jamie has wicked awesome classes! If you don’t like a particular stamp or paper/ink color Jamie wants you to change it to suit your style! I did my sister-in-law’s entire bridal shower from invitations/thank you cards, party favors to decorations, it was quaint and whimsical! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d! I’ve had lots of special requests for classes and Jamie delivers; she always has tasty treats and flavored coffees too ~Ashley W.

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