Monday, May 12, 2014

Groove book my gift to you!!

Ok so I LOVE TV - I miss it.. who knew that I'd rarely get to watch it?? I remember understanding that being a stay-at-home mom meant watching Soaps, Day Time TV and eating Bon-Bons... lol.  NOPE!!  I also love what I do - being a mom, a wife and working from home on my passion of crafting while supporting my family's budget.  As a Mom and Wife, I carry and live with my Iphone.  So when I was watching Shark Tank (a favorite show of mine) I flipped out when I heard this presentation on Groovebook!!  I literally dropped what was in my hand, wrestled the remote from my husband and kept rewinding to it - it was too good to be true!!
Let ME tell you, it is true!!  I'm even going to offer you a FREE Sample of it!!  See, it's an App that you download to any smartphone and then download up to 100 pictures per book - shipped FOR FREE - in a handy-dandy- dated and perforated book!!  So with over 5,000 photos on my iPhone this was a dream come true - I don't have to download them to my laptop - this app does the work, sends a pretty book to me with no other charge than the $2.99!!  WOW!!!!!!
So the guilt of actually having photos available for my kids and wanting to scrapbook meant that I'd have to have time to sit, download the pictures, order them and even drive to get them!!  Sad - but true - it doesn't happen.  These books that Groovebook sends me are PERFECT!!  They are dated, perforated, cute and perfect - at a price that Costco can't match!!!!
Please try this out - if you are as busy as I am (even 1/2 as busy) this will save you some mental and time guilt and frustration!!  I now have pictures on-hand when my kids have a project that comes needing their cute little faces, when I have to have a quick gift and can pop a photo in a frame with a bow or just because!!
OK so I also have a secret... I order two, three and even four books a month - ALL at only $2.99 each (again, no shipping) I just upload, approve and close a separate book.  I still have my one to do on the 15th of each month - but having the ability to print multiples or extras for projects, or just because as a mom of 6 - I take a crud load of photos!! 
Now that we have this AMAZING Project Life Memory Celebrating System that creates beautiful books while being quick.. I can have these books, dated, perforated and work at my own pace!!  They are great gifts - I downloaded one full of pictures of my in-laws only and the kids, hubby... and gave one to my Mother In Law - she could use or pull the photos that she likes and just keep the others in a book!  BAM - Super Mom and Wife (well, she may not agree but whatever - lol). 
This shows how the books are:
~ Pretty
~ Perfectly Sized and Ready to Store
~ The Pictures are each labeled with dates and times that each photo was taken (a mom who is busy's dream come true).
~ Perforated if you don't want that date and time stamp - so it doesn't take away from the picture.
(I like to fold this flap behind the photo and keep it.)
Please, please... feel free to TRY IT OUT and as My Gift to YOU - FOR FREE!!!!  Simply download the GrooveBook App from your App store.  Follow the Sign Up instructions (took me less than 10 minutes!!) enter my ALBANESE10 Promo Code, Review and Upload the Photos. 
Want to Cancel??  It reminds you via email and a phone prompt of your upcoming due date to upload - so if you aren't digging this, cancel with no cancelation fee.  Or, if you are like me - you will order multiple books that will come and brighten your day. 
I hope that YOU enjoy this Free Gift... and as I've made a commitment to Celebrate these Memories and return to Documenting our Lives, our Memories... this partners perfectly with the New Project Life line of Creative Memory Celebrating.  Try it out, let me know what you think and Share this with your friends and family with a Pin, Email, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
When I think back to my parents telling me that TV was no good, that it would rot my brain... I LAUGH.. See - TV will not rot my brain but instead it gave me the gift of the rare escape and down moment as well as the gift of these memories of our life.  JOIN ME in my Memory Celebrating Mondays and Upcoming Private Class on Project Life - RSVP ASAP!!

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Jamie has wicked awesome classes! If you don’t like a particular stamp or paper/ink color Jamie wants you to change it to suit your style! I did my sister-in-law’s entire bridal shower from invitations/thank you cards, party favors to decorations, it was quaint and whimsical! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d! I’ve had lots of special requests for classes and Jamie delivers; she always has tasty treats and flavored coffees too ~Ashley W.

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