Monday, December 3, 2012

There's Cash in that Can!

I LOVE these cute lil Clear Novelty Paint Cans at the Dollar Bin at Target.  When the Late Night Stampers Challenged to do a Gift Card Holder I couldn't resist using the cans to create this 'snow globe' feel for a Gift Card Holder!
I started off with our Holiday Collection Framelits Dies, the Festival of Prints Designer Series Paper Stack (what a fun collection!) and used two different sheets from this pack.  I could have either struggled to stick them to the bottom of the can but instead I pulled out our Large 2-1/2" Circle Punch and Grey paper and built up the scene on that!
Folding the Paper in 1/2 and using the die to cut out two trees at a time saves time, energy and effort.  Folding each of the 4 trees in 1/2 and they back up to one another.  I used my Heat Gun (remember, it's HOT!) to adhere the trees together.  They will NOT align up 100% but it's sooo close and cute, who'd notice??
A 1" strip of White Cardstock folded in 1/2 is the ideal Card Holder!  I did a fine/slim line of glue on one side of the fold to keep it together.  Then with the Hot Glue Gun I did a line down the center of the Grey Punched Circle... holding it for a count of 10-15 is all it needs to stay where I place it!
Creating two different and abstract trees gives a fun element to this project.  Hot Glue (very thin) holds all 4 sides together and a nice glob holds it to the punched cardstock... again, hold for a count of 15 to get it to stick where I place it!  (I LOVE being the BOSS of my paper - at least ITtttt listens to me, my kids sure don't... sigh, lol.)
Super Cute, easy and FUN - Snow Globes are one of my favorite things but my kids are known for breaking them.... this is a great save and represents a favorite childhood memory of my globes!
It WORKS!  I love when a plan comes together! lol... but it needs something!
OK so I know the basics of sewing... I' ve created cute skirts that are slightly off... my friend Michelle keeps promising me to teach me more... but that'd require time and free hands! lol...
Using our Retired Material from the Clearance Rack I cut this in a 2" strip and folded it in 1/2.  I hot glued it together to allow for a 'seam'.  Using the Hot Glue Gun (remember, it's HOT - I burn myself EVERY TIME - ugh) to cut time and with ease I created a line around 1/2 of the circle. 
The folding and scrunching allows for a sweet 'snow' look to the bottom of this project.  Keeping it going creates this FUN look!!  Awwwww... softens the look, too!
After posting this.. my friend Michelle emailed (from Austrailia on a family trip even!) that using a Popsickle Stick while Hot Glue-ing will prevent burns!  Dude, I knew she's a genius and I'm smart enough to call her my friend!  (Does that make ME a genius by extension??) lol
BAM!  Done, baby!!  What a Sweet Detail!!
(A Collective Awwww with me... soooo cute!)
 I just placed it into the little paint can.  I did NOT place adhesive but sooo could.  I used my Bone Folder to push down the 'snowy' material - it puffs up and softens the look...
Add the Gift Card of choice!  Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!
The Clear Window Sheet of the Paint Can limits the ability to take a perfect picture...
Gold at the end of the Rainbow...
this is more 'There's Cash in that Can!'... lol
 The Trees frame and h0ld up the gift card. 
My Sweet Little Monkeys couldn't resist holding onto this can!  It's light weight, classy and elegant while whimsical and FUN!
I Hope YOUR Holidays are filled with whimsical and fun moments, memories and MONEY!  (come on - who wouldn't love that??) 
Don't have a Gift Card??  Do a LOTTO Ticket!  Why NOT??  Do a Post It Note that says you get 1/2 if they win though.. lol.

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Jamie has wicked awesome classes! If you don’t like a particular stamp or paper/ink color Jamie wants you to change it to suit your style! I did my sister-in-law’s entire bridal shower from invitations/thank you cards, party favors to decorations, it was quaint and whimsical! Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d! I’ve had lots of special requests for classes and Jamie delivers; she always has tasty treats and flavored coffees too ~Ashley W.

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